Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From Our Little Chinchin to the World - Snowflake Coasters for Christmas!

On Thursday, October 27th, we will be making a new trip to Shamshadin to visit two producer groups.  One of them is the very newly formed group of women in the village of Chinchin.  With only about 350 residents and perched on a ridge in a rugged mountainous area, Chinchin is perhaps the most remote of villages that Homeland Handicrafts has ever worked in.  I had planned to launch a series of coasters with Armenian fruit motives, but during our last visit, one of the ladies showed me this one with a snowflake on it.  I loved it, and promptly posted it on Facebook the next day.  By that evening, I had received orders for 138 of them in a variety of colors.  So, Thursday's visit will start with a 'hurra!' for their first success in the market, and then nose to the grinding stone to get quality, size, colors, delivery deadline, labeling, and all those other things that make a finished product under control.  I think they are still in shock up there over the response.  Finally, some light in the tunnel in Chinchin, Shamshadin!

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