Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Passion for What You Do....

Just back from another long, demanding, exciting, interesting day in Shamshadin.

The Armenian fruit-themed coasters got picked up from Chinchin.  The ladies there were thrilled with the orders so far for the snowflake patterned coaster, too, and eagerly distributed the yarn and extra knitting needles I had brought with me among themselves.  They got so wrapped up in who was going to make the blue ones, and who the red ones, etc., that they hardly noticed that I said goodbye and sneaked out the door. 

On to Berd, where the ladies had churned out 15 more of their beautiful, high quality teddy bears and a pile of clothing.  They have become a well-oiled teddy bear machine, churning out the teddies and their clothes at a good pace, and are adding new women to the project every couple of weeks.  Customers in Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angeles await!

Home in Yerevan, I reflect..... You don't need a million dollars to make a difference.  You need only to have a passion for what you do, and the guts to take action. 

And I do.

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